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Volkswagensure Customer Protection Plan.

What is the Customer Protection Plan?

Should you be retrenched, become disabled, incapacitated due to terminal or chronic illnes or pass away, this policy will help you meet your credit agreement obligations.

Maximum compensation.

The policy pays a maximum amount of R1 000 000 (One Million Rand).

Benefits payable.

  • Death: An amount equal to the outstanding settlement will be paid to the financial institution so that the vehicle is totally paid up.
  • Permanent Disability: An amount equal to the death benefit will be paid to the financial institution.
  • Temporary Disability: While you remain temporarily disabled an amount equal to the monthly instalments will be paid.
  • Retrenchment: The monthly instalment will be paid for a maximum of 3 (three) months per claim and limited to a maximum period of 6 (six) months (for a maximum of two claims).
  • Dread Diseases: An amount equal to the death benefit will be paid to the financial institution on conclusive diagnosis of a serious and life threatening disease such as: heart attack, stroke, coronary artery surgery, cancer, kidney failure, organ transplant, paraplegia, coma, serious burns, surgery for disease of the aorta or blindness and loss of limbs.
  • Financial Crisis Benefit: Includes all the above benefits as well as covering 3 (three) consecutive monthly credit/loan instalments for death of a spouse, birth of a child requiring incubation for at least 2 (two) weeks, hospitalisation for a continuous period of more than 2 (two) weeks, booked off work by a medical doctor for a period of at least 6 (six) continuous weeks.
Pre-existing conditions.

No claim will be payable during the 24 month period after the Commencement of Insurance or date of reinstatement where the Insured Person suffered from any condition (i.e. any medical condition, physical defect, illness, bodily injury or disability) of which the Insured Person was aware or ought reasonably to have been aware and for which the Insured Person received treatment or consulted a medical professional in the 24 month period prior to the Commencement of Insurance or date of reinstatement where the claim event was caused directly or indirectly by the pre-existing condition.

Please speak to your Dealer or contact Volkswagensure on 0800 204 638 if you have any queries or to receive a quote.

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