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Volkswagensure Shortfall Plus.

What is Shortfall Plus?

When a car is written off and totally lost through theft, hijacking or accident, it is possible that a vehicle owner may have to pay a shortfall. A shortfall arises when the outstanding loan amount is higher than the value of the lost vehicle. Remember that vehicle values depreciate over time and a comprehensive insurance policy only pays out the depreciated value of the vehicle at the time of the loss.

This policy therefore protects car owners from having to pay a shortfall and also from the consequences of making mistakes that can jeopardise a claim.

The Shortfall Plus is a standalone policy which is purchased in addition to a motor comprehensive insurance policy. A condition of the Shortfall Plus policy is that you need to ensure that the vehicle is comprehensively insured for its full market value. 

Maximum Compensation.

The maximum insured value on this policy is R1 000 000 (One Million Rand).


  • Shortfall Cover: When your vehicle is a total loss (written off, stolen or hijacked) and the outstanding balance owing to the bank is greater than the current value of the vehicle, you may claim against this policy benefit. The benefit will attend to the shortfall or the difference you owe the bank and the amount the insurance company pays.
  • Violation of Conditions Cover: If you unintentionally fail to abide by a policy condition within your motor comprehensive policy and the insurance company rejects the claim, you may submit a claim against the Shortfall Plus policy's violation of conditions benefit. The excess applicable will be the excess payable on the comprehensive policy and in respect of ‘wrong class of use’ an additional 10% of the market value will be added.
  • Bodyline Maintenance Cover: When the vehicle suffers minor damage and the total cost of repairs is less than the excess payable on the motor comprehensive policy, the vehicle may be repaired under this section of the policy. No excess is payable for this maintenance repair work.
  • Loyalty Bonus: Where the vehicle is stolen and not recovered, or damaged beyond economical repair and is written off, we will pay a fixed amount of R5000 (Five Thousand Rand) towards the purchase of a replacement Volkswagen vehicle, provided that the new vehicle is purchased within 3 months of the above event from an approved Volkswagen dealer.
  • Personal Accident: A fixed benefit of R10 000 (Ten Thousand Rand) will be paid in the event that anyone dies or is permanently disabled as a result of an accident whilst travelling in the vehicle forming the subject matter of this policy. Maximum benefit of R50 000 (Fifty Thousand Rand) per event.

Please speak to your Dealer or contact Volkswagensure on 0800 204 638 if you have any queries or to receive a quote.

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