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Volkswagen service app.

Volkwagen Service App

In a world where luxury has become a necessity, you have to be equipped with all the technological convenience available. In this light, Volkswagen gives you the ultimate solution to staying ahead in a world that is constantly evolving.

The Volkswagen Service App is a digital utility designed for your smartphone, tablet, or android device and will be available in South Africa in 2013. It is the answer to all your Volkswagen Service needs, offering you a variety of different features to assist you with all your servicing questions and situations. Best of all, it affords you the freedom of choice in selecting the service features that best suit your specific needs. These include:

MyCar Registration

Keep track of all the intricate details of your car in the MyCar Registration so that you don’t have to do any guessing at your Dealership. This helps streamline the servicing procedures so they go quickly and easily ensuring that you’re out on the road again in no time.

Roadside Assistant

This extremely useful feature makes use of the data collected from MyCar Registration and sends the Customer Interaction Centre all of your necessary personal and vehicle details if you’ve broken down in the middle of nowhere. It does all this before the call centre agent has even begun the call.

Dealer Locator

Finding your closest Volkswagen Dealership whilst you journey around South Africa is yet another convenient feature of our Volkswagen Service App. You will be able to work out exactly how to get to your chosen Volkswagen Dealer by viewing its location on a map interface; a feature that delivers a little extra peace of mind whilst you’re travelling in unfamiliar places.

Symbol Encyclopaedia

This tool will give you a comprehensive guide of all the dashboard symbols your Volkswagen car could display, as well as what to do when a symbol lights up. Now you will be able to decode your Volkswagen’s symbols allowing you to prevent major problems by responding to your Volkswagen’s early warning symbol.

Parking Assistant

No matter how forgetful you are or how crowded the parking area, the Parking Assistant will lead you back to your car in no time at all. It lets you take a snapshot of where your car is, stores notes about your car’s surroundings and even marks the exact GPS location of your parked car. It also has a handy countdown timer for parking meters. With the Parking Assistant, finding your car is no longer a mystery.


Go around the world and use our handy translator to get your message across. It includes 16 useful phrases, each of which can be translated into 10 international languages, and in the near future, the phrases will also be translatable into the 11 official South African languages.

Tips, Offers, and Services Guide

Check for new product updates, specials, tips and information on services at the touch of a button. You control when you’ll receive this information so you can view it in your own time and when it’s most convenient. This innovative feature helps you understand your much loved Volkswagen just that little bit more.

Available for iOS and Android